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Much ado about Google


So many are criticizing Google's decision to work with the communist Chinese and censor the returns for the Chinese people. I have a different opinion. I think people should focus on the Communist Chinese leaders and not be misdirected to their puppets. 

It's been recognized for a long time during the cold war that the communists like to set up the West to compete against itself by stealing our technology to use against us. One of our tactics was to provide access to known thieves copies of our tech that had been crippled in some way. This provided us with the advantage in any unwilling tech transfer and kept some of our best tech secret since why would you make an attempt to steal something you already had.

Now it's a little different. At least they have started to flat out buy some of the technology they need.  There's no question that the Chinese leaders are preparing for war against the West at some point in the future. Integral to Western technology is information. The flow and access to information is driving our civilization. But the communists have a problem with that. They only want some information to flow to their people. They want the technology to be able to choose what information the people see.

What they don't get is that they are asking for a crippled version of the technology from Google. Yeah it's bad that the peoples access to information is limited, but I don't see it as any different than providing a cycle limited blueprint of an Intel chip to our enemies.

The Chinese people want democracy. The Chinese leaders are having more troubles keeping their people on the farm. Information and denial is a two edged sword.

I say if you are concerned about Google's aiding the Chinese leaders to keep their people uninformed you need to consider another tactic. Start including links in any reference works to Chinese critiques, Tiananmen Square massacre, Tibet occupation, the Falun Gong oppression or any of a thousand other forbidden information by the Chinese masters.  It will cut off the work from Google Chinese filter.  Use the evil impulses of the Chinese masters to prevent their access to critical needed information.  Put it everywhere on the web.  Make them ask for the filter to be removed.
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